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Ianto Little Smile

December 2022



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Drabble: Precious Things

Title: Precious Things
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Gwen, Owen, Tosh, Ianto, Jack.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 418 – Precious at tw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: Everyone has something that means more to them than anything else.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Gwen was trying to get the others to play one of her team-bonding games.

“Okay, what’s the most precious thing you have? Mine’s my engagement ring, it’s a two and a half carat diamond.”

“My car,” Owen said. “Always wanted a Porche.”

Tosh smiled. “I’ve got an antique silk kimono. It’s been passed down from mother to daughter for ten generations of our family.” She turned to Ianto. “What about you?”

“My life,” Ianto replied without hesitation. “With everything that’s happened, it’s a miracle I’m still here. Jack?”

Jack wrapped his arms around his lover. “My Ianto, priceless and unique.”

The End


Awwwwww wasn't that a lovely thing to say!Both men left the other three as too materialistic!
Loved it!
Jack and Ianto have their heads on straight ;)

Thank you!

Happy Birthday! Sorry I haven't done a birthday post for you. time keeps getting away from me but I hope you're having a wonderful Birthday *huge hugs*
Thanks J, don't worry, reading about our two favourite men is a huge present for me!

I have been pampered a lot, breakfast in bed and lunch in a nice German restaurant near my house. My favourite perfumes and a nice blouse!

Hugs back!
Sounds like a lovely day!

Glad you enjoyed today's drabble =)

Jack and Ianto definitely have the right of it. Material things can never compare.

They understand what is really important =)

Although material things can be nice to have too... ;)

Thank you!
Jack wins, Ianto second, Tosh third. Owen's car I understand, boys and their toys. Trust Gwen to brag about the size of her ring - it should be what it stands for, Rhys's love that matters, not the intrinsic value
Gwen always struck me as someone for whom money and expensive things mattered most, I can see her gloating over the size of her diamond.

Jack and Ianto have their feet on the ground. Tosh values sentimental objects more than expensive ones. The kimono holds so much history. Owen and fast cars... Well ;)

Thank you!