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Keep the ball rolling!

Change will only happen if people keep working towards it!

Dear Friend,

76 countries make it a crime to be gay or transgender - and in 10, you can still be sentenced to death or life in prison. In many others, the ability to work, raise a family and love who you choose free from threat of violence is not yet a reality.

This movement is bringing together people of every identity - lesbian, gay, straight, bi, transgender and all that's between and beyond - to build a world in which everyone can live freely and be embraced for who they are.

I believe that equality is inevitable.  But we all need to do our part to make that shift happen in 5 years, not 25.

Millions of us are joining forces to go All Out against discrimination, All Out against hate, All Out in favor of equality, love and dignity. Check it out and spread the word:

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