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Note To Friends...

Just a quick heads up to everyone out there to let you know I might not be around tomorrow. I have a test scheduled at the hospital, assuming all goes well with the prep for it (which starts at seven this evening and continues at godawful o'clock in the morning - seriously, I'll have to get up at five in order to be awake enough to start drinking the second litre of stuff at six). My appointment is 2.35pm. That means leaving here no later than 1.30pm because I have to be there half an hour before.

I might have time to post something in the morning, if I feel up to it, or I might be able to post somehing and answer comments after I get home, but I'm not counting on that because I'll be sedated for the test and could be quite groggy after. We shall see.

Of course, if I can't drink the prep stuff for any reason, I might be here as usual, in which case please to disregard this message ;)

Anyway, wish me luck, if you're so inclined, and hopefully normal service will resume by Tuesday.

Thanks to my anxiety problems, I am, of course, terrified and would gladly cancel right now, but I suppose I should at least try *wibble*
Tags: hugs f-list, real life, wibble

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