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I had a wonderful birthday, largely thanks to all my lovely friends on LJ and dreamwidth, so with that in mind, THANK YOU!

to toshiani007 , kul_breez , zorell , wiseheart , blossomlegs , sassysailorgirl , crazycatt71 , aviv_b , iantojjackh , nightchild , hallana , katwillow , jedi_harkness , backrose_17 , maharaniradha & analineblue for their birthday messages.

To zazajb , ms_bekahrose , iolo1234 , daniforblue , aviv_b , tardisjournal , angelsphonebox , milady_dragon , red_day_dawning & totally4ryo for the lovely virtual gifts.

To ms_bekahrose for my custom userhead, so cute to have a little me!
To debmommy22 for the adorable jumbo hug e-card. Thanks, Sis, it makes me giggle!
To too_beauty for the wonderful fic she wrote.
To iantojjackh for another wonderful fic dedication.
To daniforblue for her gorgeous Janto montage.
To sassysailorgirl for the adorable kitty card.
And special thanks to timelordshines for my delicious birthday cake, bracelet and Jack Rabbit card.

Also, to the anonymous someone who gave me 2 months of paid LJ time, Thank you!

GREAT BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL! I really do have the best friends EVER and I love you all

I really, really hope I didn't miss anyone out!
Tags: birthday, real life, thanks

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