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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Laughing Jack

Drabble: Feeding Time

Title: Feeding Time

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 274 – Meat at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: Working for Torchwood, you never know what you’ll find yourself having to do.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Ianto picked up a bit of meat with a pair of long metal tweezers and poked it towards the nest.

“Here, have a bit of rat. Mmmm, juicy rat!”

It was quickly gobbled up.

“Have another bit of rat! Make you grow big and strong. Hopefully.”

That was quickly gobbled up too.

“More rat?”

“How’s it going?” Jack asked quietly, settling down beside Ianto.

“She's eaten almost a whole rat,” Ianto replied. “You can do the next feed. Never thought we’d be foster parents to a de-aged pteranodon!”

“We got lucky. At least we’re not having to incubate an egg.”

The End


I was going to do Myfanwy drabble too! I probably still will, but man these prompts are giving me a hard time.
I hope you do, because I love your Myfanwy drabbles!

This isn't what I planned to write (I realised my first idea was boring), and it didn't start out as Myfanwy either - it was originally an unknown alien - but pretty much everyone on Torchwood has been de-aged at some point so I figured Myf could have her turn, lol!

Thank you! I agree, the prompts recently have been tough. The first two weeks of the year were easy, but since then I've struggled to get one drabble a week.
Loved it!!!
*hugs back* Thanks, Ani!
De-aged Myfanwy? Oh dear...

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Jack trying to incubate an egg. *winks*
I'm sure Jack would give it a good try, but the egg would probably wind up scrambled, lol!

Tosh is working on the problem, hopefully Myf will be back to her usual self before long. The frequent feeds are proving exhausting.

Thank you!
Whoo-boy! I wonder how many times a day a baby pter has to eat? She must be really cute--but a few of those feedings and I bet the Team is working overtime to find a fix!

Creative use of the prompt!
Lol! Yeah, the boys are worn out and Tosh is working overtime on fixing the problem while Owen gets to hunt rats and slice them into bitty pieces for baby Myf. She'll grow fast, I expect, but the boys would prefer not to spend months hand feeding her. At least they just missed out on the egg stage!

Thank you!
A baby Myfanwy! She's going to think Ianto is her mama. How cute!
Yeah, she'll see both Ianto and Jack as her parents if she has to grow up like that, but the boys are hoping she'll get re-aged before then as the frequent hand-feeding is proving to be exhausting. I like to think when she's re-aged she'll be even closer to her daddies than she already is!

Thank you =)
Ha ha. Have there been any accidental biting?
Not so far, Myf is very tiny, not long hatched I think, and the boys are being careful to use the tweezers as she's still a bit clumsy!

Thank you!
OMG! what an interesting use of the prompt!
I am sure that the daddies are getting tired of this kind of feeding but maybe it will give them some practice before they ahve their own human babies ....
that was cute!
Ummmmm I sincerely hope when they have their own babies, they don't use the techniques they've learned here - rat is not a good food for human babies, lol!

Thank you, the boys are determined to care for baby Myf properly, whatever it takes - though they still hope that Tosh can turn her back to her proper age.
Oh, so cute!!!
Thank you!

Good to see you back! Hope life is treating you well =)
Aww cute!
=D Thank you!

I haven't written anything for this week yet because my brain is being eaten by migraine demons, but I have a couple of ideas. i think I like this week's prompt!
"I scratch my head!"
It has rats????
argh .... there are rats in the HUB????
Well, I should not be surprised, the Hub is very large, underground, near the water.
But, even with all the alien technology, they have not found effective exterminator??
I feel that if there is one species that you will find anywhere in the space, are rats and cockroaches ....
I also understand that Ianto did not give eat with mutton or beef. it could get messy when Myfanwy is great.
Ianto has traps set up in the lowest levels, mostly to feed the weevils who enjoy fresh rat, but rats are a good size for baby Myfanwy too so it was handy. I think there are rat-proof force shields made of alien tech to keep the rats out of the inhabited areas.

I must admit, I used rats because I was annoyed by drain problems bringing rats to the surface in my garden. 50 years here and I'd never once seen a rat before so I took revenge in fic form!

Thank you! Sorry to horrify you!
Who would get to sit on the egg in the nest???? Sorry couldn't resist!
Well, you know Jack, he'll try anything once!

(Personally, I think Nosy would do a better job though!)

Thank you.
Hee Hee Jack and Ianto sitting on an egg, now this would be quite a challenge for them. Great work.
It would certainly be amusing watching them trying to hatch Myfanwy from her egg. Balacing on it would be a bit tricky! Thankfully, she wasn't de-aged quite that much!

Thank you.
*lol* And it's very cute, too <3<3
Thank you! I think mini-Myf would probably be a very ugly baby, but still adorable in a weird sort of way!
*gigglesnort* How did I miss this? So funny and cute! :D
Hee! Thank you!

Sometimes new prompts inspire sequels to older drabbles. Can you believe I've written 75 drabbles? o.O
Omgd! The image of Jack and Ianto sitting on an egg comes to mind.

Brilliant! and funny! loved it well done! *Hugs* Thank you for the smile you brought to my face.

Edited at 2014-02-22 02:54 am (UTC)
LOL! Thank you, glad you liked it. And yes, that would be a very odd sight!