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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: The Price Of Betrayal

Title: The Price Of Betrayal

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, mentions Jack, team

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 275 – Scent at tw100

Spoilers: End Of Days.

Summary: Ianto counts the cost of the team’s actions.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters

Ianto clutched Jack’s coat to his face and breathed deeply. It smelled of Jack, that warm, tantalising aroma Jack had always said was 51st century pheromones.


Tears stung Ianto’s eyes as grief threatened to overwhelm him. Jack had told them he couldn’t die, but now he lay lifeless in the morgue, the life force drained from him as he sacrificed himself to save the world.

It was all their fault. They’d let themselves be deceived by visions of loved ones long gone. Their betrayal had cost Jack his life.

Ianto’s half-healed heart shattered inside him.

He should’ve stopped them.

The End


Ouch, this hurts. :( Poor Ianto. I hope in time he realizes they were all emotionally blackmailed into behaving the way they did and forgives himself the same way Jack forgives them all. <3<3

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I hope so too, but right now he's just hurting and feeling weighed down by guilt and grief.

Thank you!

(Appropriate icon is appropriate!)
I think a little guilt is normal with grief--we can't help but think "what if". Though usually our "what if's" are less momentous than "what if I'd stopped everyone from opening the Rift and letting lose a giant demon that tried to destroy the world," we still have to learn to let them go! :-p

(Why, I was thinking the same thing! LOL.)
*pets Yantoe* I'm not sure he's managed to do that yet after Canary Wharf and everything with Lisa, it might take him a while - especially as Jack is about to go swanning off with the Doctor for a few months. How Ianto is even still even remotely sane beats me.
Poor Ianto and all the guilt he holds of himself. Full of angst!
Definitely one of my angstiest drabbles. Ianto feels things deeply, he's as bad as Jack for blaming himself. I feel bad that I keep putting him through all the angst, even though it's canon.

Thank you.
Ouch! Poor Ianto.
I just want to hug him and tell him everything will be ok and Jack will come back.

Very clever to use that scene as a way in to talk about betrayal in this prompt.
Thank you. I was desperate to use that scene but somehow it came out a lot different than I'd imagined when I first had the idea. The betrayal part just came out of nowhere, but it worked far better than my original thought.
I love that scene.
Ianto's pain is just so raw.
It really is, I just waned to hug him.

It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt, but ended up being the second drabble I wrote because I was watching a nature documentary and something came into my head that I just had to write, even before the documentary finished.
Oh, that scene always breaks my heart... :(
Mine too, but the scene was just ideal for the prompt, I had to write somthing using it.

Than you.
But if I remember correctly, he tried to stop them.
He should not feel responsible.
No, he didn't try to stop them. Jack told him: "Make sure you stop them" but Ianto just said "No." He helped them, so now he feels terribly guilty and ashamed. Poor Ianto, but Jack will forgive him.
Oh my heart is breaking, this was beautifully written.
Thank you. That scene has stuck with me, it's so devastating, I had to use it for the prompt.
Poor Ianto. *hugs*
Yes, he's weighed down by guilt and grief AGAIN - as if Canary Wharf and then losing Lisa wasn't enough...

Thank you.
I love that moment when he hugs Jack's coat and this sums that scene up beautifully.
Thank you. It's a very memorable and beautifully acted scene, I just had to use it for the prompt.
Great drabble
Thank you, glad you liked it.

Love your icon, is it a coal tit?
The lovely icon came from another LJ friend. I'm not honestly sure what sort of bird it is. I'm an Aussie and don't know much about UK birds. Not even much about Aussie ones. But I'm glad you like the icon.
I'm an avid birdwatcher, but even I'm not sure, lol - Coal tit, possibly Bearded tit, but very pretty anyway!
That was sad but beautifully described!
Thank you.

It's such a memorable scene, I just had to use it fot the prompt, but it made me sad writing it.