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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Laughing Jack

Drabble: On The Hunt

Title: On The Hunt

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Gwen, someone else

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 275 – Scent at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: There’s something hunting in the Hub, look out!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

The creature slunk silently through the Hub, following the scent of its prey. It moved stealthily, keeping to cover wherever possible, freezing in place whenever someone came into view. It must not be spotted, the success of the hunt depended on the people around it remaining unaware of its presence.

Closer and closer, its prey was in view. It watched from its hiding place, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, coiled in readiness. Now!

One quick lunge and….


“Oi! Get your snout out of my coffee!”

“I warned you, Gwen. Never leave coffee where Nosy can get it.”

The End


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Needed a Nosy fic this AM! Thanks for the smile and giggle!!
You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it!
More Nosy yay! It was only a few hours ago that I was thinking about Nosy, I was at a car boot sale and saw a ball pit, which prompted my mother to speak up 'I want Nosy and the balls'.
Lol! Thank you! Nosy will eventually get its balls to play with, I just haven't gotten around to writing that one. I suspect it'll be one of the longer fics in the series, so it's a bit daunting. I have a few other plot bunnies to write first, but I'll try to write Nosy drabbles as often as I can, it always depends on the prompt.

Glad you enjoyed it!
Bad Nosy! If you drink Gwen's coffee she will have caffeine withdrawal and become a grouchy-pants. Then you'll be sorry for sure!
Ianto will replace Gwen's coffee (he won't risk a caffeine deprived Gwen!), she just has to learn to hold on to her coffee cup at all times. Look out, there's a Fluff about!

Thank you
That'll teach Gwen not to leave her coffee unattended...there's a worse coffee fiend in the Hub than Owen now! *laughs*
And Nosy is better at being sneaky too. Unattended coffee is considered fair game, it only belongs to someone if they're actually holding it, lol!

Thank you.
Gwen deserved it!

Cute little drabble :)
Thanks, Radha!

Yeah, Gwen neds to learn to hold on to her coffee at all times now. If coffee is left unattended, Nosy considers it's fair game.

Love your icon, so pretty!
Ha, ha! That Nosy can be very stealthy when it wants! I'm surprised it hasn't got Ianto serving it coffee in a special bowl yet. It seems to have him and Jack wrapped around its... well, wrapped up in its coils in every other way! ;)
Nosy gets served coffee, but it'll still drink any that's left unattended, lol!

(I'm not sure how stealthy it really was, it seemed to be under the impression that no one could see a very long, green, fluffy thing slithering past them and lurking half under the coffee table, lol!)

Thank you =)
Hehe! One of my cats loves coffee - you can never leave a cup unattended. Nosy is so cute!
Thank you, Nosy is effortlessly cute, even when it's trying to be a stealthy hunter stalking its prey, lol!
Love it!!!!
Thank you!

A little dose of Nosy is the perfect antidote for the gloom in my previous drabble.
This made me smile right here at bedtime. Thanks! I just love Nosy! :D

...and yes I am still breathing...barely. lol!
Hey! *hugs tight* Glad Nosy made you smile, I was giggling when I wrote it, imagining Nosy slinking along, absolutely convinced that no one could see it as it 'hid' behind things. I'm sure the whole team was watching with great amusement, except Gwen whose attention was elsewhere!
Hee, Nosy likes it's caffeine! ;D
It does indeed! Caffeine is surprisingly good for Fluffs - as long as they don't overdo it - but a creature Nosy's size can handle a fair amount, lol!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed!
Brilliant! :-)
The beginning is very dark - not your normal style at all (in fact, as I was reading it on my phone, where i don't get the benefits of your page graphics or anything I had to scroll back up to the top to make sure it was you and I hadn't clicked on the wrong link!)
And then that 'slurp' made me laugh out loud when I realised it was Nosy! :-)
I love your Nosy fics :-)
Thank you!

I was watching a nature documentary, with animals stalking their prey and I just got this idea of Nosy stalking a cup of coffee so I just HAD to write it. I wanted to mislead readers, which isn't easy with a drabble, but it looks like I succeeded with you!
Nosy does get its own coffee (its very big so it takes a LOT of caffein to get it high), but it still sees unattended cups as fair game. Possession means ownership, and if you're not actually holding the cup then it belongs to anyone who can get there first, lol!

Thank you!
it's nice because active neurons positive!
Thank you =)
Score one for Nosy.
Yep! Nosy will finish off any unattended coffee, so you have to hold onto it. There aren't many places a determined Fluff can't reach!

Thank you.
Terrific :)
Thank you, I had fun writing this one, imagining several metres of fluffy snake-shaped alien believing no one would see it if it wasn't moving, lol
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