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I Have An Owie!

So, as some of my friends already know, just over a week ago I had one of those really stupid accidents in the home that shouldn't happen but did. I was cleaning the bath, knelt funny, tried to get my weight off my stupidly painful knee and fell sideways onto the rim of the bath. Result = probable cracked rib, which hurts whenever I do pretty much anything and is preventing me from doing certain things at all, like knitting, and putting up Christmas decorations, and reorganising my room to make space for the computer desk I'm getting. It sucks. Christmas isn't looking too Christmassy right now

I had a cracked rib three years ago, that time I did it through coughing while closing a drawer. This feels the same so probably is, it might even be the same rib. Since all the doctor would say is that I probably have a cracked rib, there's no point going to see him, so I'm just trying not to put too much strain on it. Which is easier said than done =/

So if I'm not being  very cheery and festive this Christmas, this is why. Hopefully you'll all for give me if I'm grumpy and complaining. I hope you're all having a better time than I am right now.

*hugs everyone very carefully*
Tags: life sucks, ouch, real life

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