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February 2024



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Doctor Who Drabble: Plant Life

Title: Plant Life
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: The Ninth Doctor, Rose.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 108: Plant at dw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: Rose almost makes a terrible mistake.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the characters.

“Don’t do that!” the Doctor shouted as Rose reached to pluck a pink flower from a slender plant, standing by itself in a sunny spot.

“What? Why?” Rose asked, confused. “Are plants like this one sacred to the people who live here or something?”

“Not exactly.” The Doctor shoved his hands in his jacket pockets and grinned that crazy grin. “Plants like that one ARE the people who live here, and they don’t take kindly to having bits pulled off them while they’re sunbathing.”

The plant in question turned to glare at Rose, who took a step back.

“Oops. Sorry.”

The End


Well Rose thought she could be related to an actual rose flower because they shared the same name than thought it was "stupid" to talk to one.*raises eyebrow*
The flowers have better manners.

Thank you!

Flowers are alive. They need watering.*shakes finger at Rose*
And most of them need good light, so why shouldn't they sunbathe? I love my plants =)
Now I'm picturing flowers laying on a beach chair.:)

You don't have to convince me. Mine probably need more water. I better text my mum but I'm sure she is dealing with them while I'm away.
I have a lot of cacti on my bedroom windowsill, so they're not being watered right now, but the other plants have to be kept ticking over throughout winter.

LOL! I love that image =D
With sunnies on!.:D
Oh naturally - maybe those novelty ones with lenses shaped like flowers. lol!
Flower Power!
*Grins* Naturally!

Oh, now I have visions of the Strongman plants strutting by the pool, showing off their muscles to the bathing beauties, who peep over the top of their shades...
That sounds like a cartoon in the making?
If only I could draw! Even my stick-figures are pathetic =(

I can't draw either. I have to have a guideline at least to follow from.

You have someone else do illustrations.:)
That would be cool if I only knew some artistic people who could do it, lol!
Fair point. You usually have to seek help for these kind of things.:)
Last time I tried to get someone to do art, it fell through and I don't really have time to spare to go searching.
That's ashame.
Yeah, it was =(
Gotta be careful what u touch on Aline planets lol

Great drabble.
So true, you just never know what might turn out to be the natives!

Thank you!