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Drabble: Silence Is...

Title: Silence Is…

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 276 – Sound at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: Ianto is puzzled – and maybe a little worried.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Ianto stuck his finger in his ear, wiggling it around. Something wasn’t right. Everyone was going about their work in complete silence.

Except… When he looked more closely, they were obviously chatting to each other, he just couldn’t hear them. Which was odd, to say the least.

He jumped and spun around as someone grabbed his shoulder. Jack.

Jack’s mouth was moving but Ianto had never thought to learn lip-reading.

Jack sighed, taking the small artefact Ianto was holding. Sound flooded back in. Ianto looked questioningly at Jack.

“It’s a personal sound-dampening field.”

“Oh. That’s good. Thought I’d gone deaf.”

The End


Poor Ianto!!!
That was so funny, really liked it!!!
Thank you! *hugs*

Ianto was more puzzled than worried, he's not one to panic at a little thing like suddenly going stone deaf for no apparent reason, lol!
Ianto should keep the artifact for when Owen and Gwen get ranting!
Yep, I'm sure he and Jack will both get a lot of use out of it. Tosh too. They won't tell Gwen and Owen about it though.

Thank you.
I love how Ianto isn't phased by his sudden deafness.
Nope, that's Ianto, takes it in stride. If he were struck deaf, he'd just deal with it and sign up for sign-language and lip-reading classes.

Thank you.
Search "phlegmatic" in a dictionary and you can be sure there will be a photograph of Ianto Jones right nearby. Very good :)
Exactly! I love that no matter what happens, Ianto almost always remains unruffled. Even thinking he's gone deaf doesn't seen to worry him much.

Thank you!
Haha!!! That's so funny! I love how calm Ianto was when he though he'd gone death, it is so very in character I could just see him do that in an episode. Love it!
Thank you. Yes, that's what I thought, Ianto doesn't make a big fuss, he just copes with whatever happens.
"Thought I’d gone deaf"--LOL! That's Ianto to a "T"--acting like that happens every day.

Of course, in Torchwood, something like that probably does happen every day!
Well, with Torchwood, you never know what will happen next, so there's no point in panicking at every little thing before you even know what's going on! Ianto is very pragmatic.

Thank you
Aww, poor Ianto! Jack should take him out for a meal. ;)
Well, Ianto wasn't particularly worried, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind being taken out for dinner anyway, lol!

Thank you!
This would be a very useful device for when Archie starts playing his bagpipes.
Lol! Or, as someone else suggested, when Gwen and Owen start arguing!Peace and Quiet can be very pleasant - as long as you know you haven't suddenly gone deaf...

Thank you.
I can imagine that being a bit disconcerting for Ianto.

great work
Just a bit! Of course, it's Ianto, so he doesn't panic.

Thank you.
There are times when I'd love one of them - I expect Ianto would as well.
Dear me yes, sometimes I want to shut out all the annoying sounds. It would be bliss!

Thank you.
Great job.
Thank you. I love writing Ianto, he's so unruffled by things that would alarm anyone else.

Edited at 2013-03-20 11:12 am (UTC)
having trouble hearing ever since I've had pierced ears, I understand a little what Ianto feels.

First time I had my ears pierced, they felt like they might fall off. I was scared to move my head!

Thank you.
only Ianto could sound so calm and logical ......
I know! He's scarily composed in most situations, it's rare to see him panic about anything.

Thank you!