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Fic Of The Week - Week Sixty Three

Okay, so this isn't the fic I was going to rec this week, but circumstances have changed. christine_twfan 's journal was there just over a week ago, but has now apparently been deleted, though not purged. Don't know if it will get reinstated or not but just in case it doesn't, I'm reccing Unfixed Wishes now as it is still available on Teaspoon, but who knows how long for? If you haven't read it, get over there and either read or download it before it gets taken away as well, lol!

It's from July 2008 and is 8 chapters with an epilogue. Spoilers for Exit Wounds.

Summary: Ianto discovers an alien artifact in the archives, which sets him on an unexpected path.

Here's the link to the fic on Teaspoon

I had this fic planned for the week after next, but as long as everyone who wants to read it gets a chance to, that's all that matters. I've heard a lot of people praising this one, though it's made at least one person cry so I don't know whether it's a very sad one or not. Nonetheless, as a precaution, I've downloaded it - just to be safe. I really hate it when good writers take their fic away from us! =(

Happy (?) reading, everybody!
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