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What fun!

Today was my annual sight and hearing test! Yay! Because I'm weird, this is something I always enjoy. I've been wearing glasses since I was 13 and I love them, especially nowadays when there's so much more choice and frames are so stylish.

Happy to report I can still hear! My hearing is important to me so, as hearing tests are free, I decided to get checked every year. If (or more probably when) my hearing deteriorates, I'll know and be able to do something about it quickly. My eyes are okay too, not much change (my left eye has actually improved a bit!) but I'm having new glasses anyway.

Last year I went with subtly marbled frames for my varifocals and a pretty metallic turquoise for my reading glasses, but this year I've gone with a brighter, bolder look - a lovely plum shade for the varifocals, and a gorgeous purple for my reading glasses. Can hardly wait to get them! They should be ready in a week to ten days, though it's often sooner. Don't know if I'll post pictures when I get them....
Tags: glasses, real life

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