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March 2023


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What fun!

Today was my annual sight and hearing test! Yay! Because I'm weird, this is something I always enjoy. I've been wearing glasses since I was 13 and I love them, especially nowadays when there's so much more choice and frames are so stylish.

Happy to report I can still hear! My hearing is important to me so, as hearing tests are free, I decided to get checked every year. If (or more probably when) my hearing deteriorates, I'll know and be able to do something about it quickly. My eyes are okay too, not much change (my left eye has actually improved a bit!) but I'm having new glasses anyway.

Last year I went with subtly marbled frames for my varifocals and a pretty metallic turquoise for my reading glasses, but this year I've gone with a brighter, bolder look - a lovely plum shade for the varifocals, and a gorgeous purple for my reading glasses. Can hardly wait to get them! They should be ready in a week to ten days, though it's often sooner. Don't know if I'll post pictures when I get them....


Oh you so have to post pics - or at the very least email them to me!
Glad all went ok... Went to London today on a course so very looooooog day...hope to be human again tomorrow! *tired hugs*
I thought my day was tiring, but it's nothing compared to trekking to London!

First time I've been anywhere in nearly 2 months, so I feel shattered - and of course I did some shopping while out, but bought too much and had to walk home pushing my bike. Hips and knees have been playing up today, so it was a bit painful. Still worth it though.

Feel human again soon! Have some of Ianto's coffee! *hugs* xxx
Have to admit that although I like choosing the frames I almost have an anxiety attack trying to work out what lenses I should have - trying to work out what is the difference between thin, thinner, ultra thin and so thin it cuts you....Then they tell me the price of the lenses and I work out if I can put it on the mortgage!Then you discover that because your eyesight is so bad you don't qualify for the special offers...Is this turning into a rant do you think?
The cost of new glasses can definitely be daunting!

I got really lucky today on two counts - firstly, I have a very thin face and many women's frames are just too wide, so I get to pick mine from the young adult (basically teenage) section, where there are jazzier colours and the frames are often cheaper. £49 for my main pair, £59 for the reading glasses. On top of that, they were running a promotion whereby you buy a pair of glasses and get a second pair half price, which really brought down the price of my snazzy purple ones! Of course, when you add in lenses (transitions lenses for my main pair) and the various coating - scratch guard, anti-glare, think there may have been a third as well - it's still a huge dent in the finances. But they're so pretty!

My eyesight is much worse than my older sister's, but thankfully not THAT bad. My left lens is the thickest, but I can get away with standard lenses despite that because of small lensed frames. I don't notice any real weight and they don't keep sliding down so it's fine. I imagine that reduces the cost a lot! I don't know what I'd do, faced with a choice of lens type. I think last year I was offered special lightweight ones, but that would have added somewhere around £100 a pair and I couldn't see the point for me. If I had big lenses, it would make more of a difference, but big lenses don't suit me. Thank goodness!
I just have very short sight in both eyes and they are prone to developing floaters. A few weeks ago I ended up spending 8 hours at stoke mandeville a&E waiting to get my retina's checked. (If I get new floaters I have to get my retinas checked). They solemnly inform me that I have to be careful about high impact activity. The last lot developed walking along a corridor - perhaps I should wear slippers all the time!
With coatings I love the anti-reflective one 'cos other people can actually see your eyes and non scratch 'cos that means they last longer. -
That must be irritating and unpleasant - and 8 hours in A & E is nobody's idea of a good time! I'd be bored to tears within half an hour - unless I maybe took my knitting and had someone to talk to. I find it hard to read in busy waiting rooms because they're usually so noisy I can't concentrate!

I'm having all the coatings I was offered - the anti-glare is because I spend a lot of time on my computer, it should help apparently!
What's the difference between varifocals and trifocals?

My mom has trifocals and hates them. I think I've become near-sighted but I was able to pass my sight test to renew my driver's license so I get to put it off a bit longer...
Might be the same thing, just British and American names. I'm not really sure. All I know for sure is that they're different from bifocals lol =)

I've had varifocals for the last couple of years and never had a problem - I adjusted really quickly - while my sister really struggled to adjust to her. It seems some people just find them easier to get used to the others. I'm on my computer a lot and do crafts, so I,ve found them really helpful!

Been wearing glasses since I was 13 (over 35 years now) and the choice of frames is so much better - I really love my glasses and wouldn't trade them for contacts. I don't feel dressed without them and there are so many great styles it's like choosing a new fashion accessory! If you wind up needing glasses, I'm sure you'll be able to get some that look really great!