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Ianto Little Smile

October 2018



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Ianto Little Smile

Ravings of a country music lover

I don't think many people on my f-list are fellow country music fans, but I've just got to rave!

First off, I've loved Ty Herndon's music from his first album back in '95, and his duet with Stephanie Bentley on Heart Half Empty. That said, there are some tracks on albums from the late nineties onwards that I'm not so keen on, he doesn't sound as good and the songs themselves are a bit meh, the strain of his personal life showing through maybe.

Anyway, last week I managed to get hold of his most recent CD, 2016's House On Fire, and I was just blown away. I've been playing it ever since, and while some tracks stand out a bit more than others (Fighter, Blame it on the Mustang, If You, Nothing Left to Break, Just Friends, Sweet Way to Go, Stick With What I Know, and the title track) there's not a single one of the twelve tracks that I don't love. To my ears, he sounds better than ever.

There's a harder edge to some of the tracks than I'm used to from his earlier albums, heavier guitar and some interesting vocal effects, but it just works so well. I've got it playing again now. I've adopted Fighter as my personal anthem, it's such a powerful song.

Sadly a couple of Ty's CDs are still missing from my collection, country CDs are still not always easily available in the UK, not everything gets released here, so if anyone has a copy of Journey On or Lies I Told Myself that they don't want, or can get hold of a copy from somewhere, and would be willing to exchange for something from England, I'm willing to work out a trade.


Awesome I havneo idea hwo that is but I hope you're ableto get the CDs you're missing :D I have oacouple personal anthemsmyself as of this year, but they're Linkin Park and GooG ooODolls.Good songs though.
Everyone needs a personal anthem =)

Ty is awesome, and my hero for coming out back in 2014 despite how conservative the country music world can be.

Bedtime for you, nighty night!
Oh, good for him; that took guts! Wait, that sounds familiar; I think I heard about that.

Haha, yep; off I go before I turn into a helium balloon. (I don't know where tha tcam efrom...?!_

Ya don't wanna float away! as Dee would say.

Yeah, I think it was pretty big news at the time. I'm just glad he's happy now after so many years struggling to fit in with the image people expected. It goes to show how much damage is caused to people who are gay but feel forced to live as straight.

I seriously need a Ty Herndon icon.
You should try ebay or Amazon u might be able to order it.
I've been trying ebay for the past five years - that's where I got the new one, when I finally found an affordable copy, but those two albums have never been listed since I've had a search set up to notify me of new Ty Herndon listings =(

I might try Amazon, but I'm not too hopeful.
Let me check for you. Amazon might work better for me. :-)
Thanks, lexxie =)

Over here, we've always had a job getting hold of imports. There used to be some good mail order dealers of import records, but the changeover to CDs meant prices went up, so... *shrugs*
The only place I'm finding "Lies" is amazon and it is priced at $10 USD. Roughly 8.04 pounds. As for "Journey" I'm starting to think it was a limited press. I've checked amazon, eBay, fye, barnes and Nobel, and google. Amazon has it for digital download, but not hard copy purchase. I think that's one to keep our eyes open for.

Let me know about the other one. I know that's a lot.
I should have investigated the possibilities when the exchange rate was more favourable, lol!

I'll hold off for now and keep searching, might end up going for a digital download, I'll have to look into costs on iTunes, might talk to my friend at the weekend. Thanks for looking though =)

(No hospital tomorrow, the clinic's been cancelled because my doctor is off sick. Might go to the shops instead if I feel up to it in the morning and the weather is okay).
The exchange rate sucks right now. >.<

What I saw on amazon was about a dollar a song. iTunes didn't have Journey On, that I saw, anyway. I even found Ty's homepage and he doesn't have a merchandise section set up there. It's listed for digital DL on amazon, but I couldn't find a trace of it anywhere else.

Let me know if you don't get either of them by xmas and maybe they could be your gift.

Hope your doctor is okay. Enjoy if you go out to the shops. I hear you on feeling up to do things though.
I've visited Ty's homepage myself a few times and found the same thing. He's only about three months younger than me!

I'll remember that, thank you =)

Tell me about it. All this Brexit stuff means less imported fruit and things too. I think a lot of people wouldn't have voted to leave the EU if all these possible repercussions had been made clear beforehand. We should just scrap the whole Leave idea, or at least hold another vote now people know the facts.

I am done in from yesterday. It was exhausting.
I'm seeing random reports that Russia screwed around with the Brexit vote as well as the US Presidential election, but I don't know whether to believe it or not. I think the ultimate problem is that idiots don't take time to pay attention to the facts around major issues and vote without understanding or caring, and then we're stuck with the results.

Did you get to the shops??
Leaflets were sent around, promising more money for the NHS if we left the EU, and then the government turned around and said after the fact, that no, they only said there might be more. Nothing was ever mentioned in any of the leaflets I saw about how food imports might be affected, or about a massive bill being handed to the country that we would have to pay in order to leave, or a whole lot of other things since. I don't think anyone, including the government and the opposing political parties, thought through exactly what it would mean. I haven't heard about Russia having a finger in the pie, but it wouldn't surprise me. Probably not true though.

I did, and I'm still recovering, made worse by having to let the fire out and now I've tried twice to re-light the damned thing without cleaning it out completely, no joy, so now I have to wait hours for it to cool and then clean it out, which will take a couple more hours... Might not get it lit now until tomorrow. =(
That's the problem with government. They can say and do whatever the heck they want and there's no quick way to check them or stop them. :/ I think the Russia thing is coming from people here in the States in an attempt to show that Russia has been interfering with our government.

Did you have fun? It sucks that it took so much out of you. :(

I'm heading into a pair of six day work weeks, I'll be off Saturday and then work six, off Saturday, work six. The schedule after that hasn't been posted yet, so I don't know what's going to be going on after that. *sighs*
Oh no, not ore six-day weeks! That sucks!

I did, sort of. I got some nice things to eat, fresh raspberries and blueberries, a couple of DVDs... Just could have done without it being so tiring.
Yeah, I'm not happy about any of this. >.< It would be so nice if we could just keep people on staff for more than a few months at a time. The only upside to the whole thing is I get to see one of the guys I really like that I never get to see.

I hear you on the tiring. Mum took the dogs to the groomer this morning and found out they both have fleas. *headdesk* So I've had to bag up all my plushies for a month, we're having to treat the rugs, wash everything we can, and medicate the cat. They wanted us to bathe the cat, but that is never a good idea.

The catch to it all is that Mum is up with my dad, who is really not doing well today, so I'm having to do as much as I can, and this is my only day off. I'm just so ready to go back to bed, but can't because I've still got to wash all my sheets and pillows.
Oh, that sucks! *hugs* Fleas are the worst, they're such a big deal to get rid of, and you really didn't need extra work. =(
I really, really think the only saving grace we have is that the whole house - except my two rooms - have tile floors. We also have a special cover on the beds that bugs can't get through, so we have to wash the sheets, covers, and blankets, but don't have to treat the mattresses for anything.

It's still just a hell of a lot of work, and I'm really starting to ache from all of this. I honestly could just smack the people at the dogs' vet's office. This was pretty much the final straw - we're changing vets. I was done with them when they refused to help me with Nina, and now giving me grief over all of this with the cat and dogs. >.
Yeah, you need a better vet because those guys just sound useless.

At least things aren't as bad as they could be, what with the lack of carpets. *hugs*
Let me check for you. Amazon might work better for me. :-)