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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Ianto Little Smile

Drabble: Public Service

Title: Public Service
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Tosh, Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Owen.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 437: Nothing at tw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: Having a Rift running through Cardiff isn’t always a bad thing.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

At the blaring of the Rift alarms, the team gravitated towards Tosh’s workstation, clustering around her as she pulled up the necessary information on her screens.

“What’ve we got, Tosh?” Jack asked, peering over her shoulder.

“Location of the Rift spike was at County Hall, let me pull up the CCTV for the area….” Tosh’s fingers flew over her keyboard as another screen lit up. “Oh!”

“Something nasty?” Gwen asked.

“No, nothing.”

“What d’you mean?”

“It didn’t leave anything, but it took that ghastly sculpture from outside.”

“Finally!” Ianto exclaimed. “Always knew the Rift had to be good for something.”

The End


Heee, that would be among the greatest public services it could perform!

Thank you!
Mmmm nice and kind Rift this time!
I may have one or two suggestions of my own too. LOL
It does occasionally benefit mankind ;)

Thank you!

The rift definitely does have a personality all its own, and a warped sense of humour!

At least this time it took something nobody wanted anyway ;)

(We had an eyesore in the square, but there's a lovely statue on the high street).

Thank you!

Well thats good no clean up and awkward explanations this time.

great fic
Sometimes the Rift gets something right ;)

Thank you!
I can think of quite a few public works of 'art' I'd like the rift to take. Locally we have one that looks like a giant disposable razor.Can't imagine anyone thinking THAT was a good idea
Thousands gets spent on so-called 'art' and it's usually horrible. We had a giant concrete block with water pipes inside, so water would trickle out and down its sides. Damn thing soon had streaks of rust all over it, and the water would freeze making the square treacherous, so the water was cut off and all we were left with was this rusty concrete block... Everyone hated it, but we got so used to it, I don't even remember if it's still there...

Thank you!