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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Laughing Jack

Drabble: The Sandwich Mystery

Title: The Sandwich Mystery

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 279 – Triangular at tw100

Spoilers: Nope.

Summary: Jack is puzzled. Ianto is Ianto

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

It was a gloriously warm, sunny spring day in Cardiff and they were determined to make the most of the good weather.

Jack leaned against the counter in Ianto’s kitchen, watching Ianto prepare food for their planned picnic, cutting the sandwiches diagonally into four neat triangular pieces.

“Why do you always do that?”

“Do what?”

“Cut sandwiches in triangles.”

Ianto stared at the prepared sandwiches, then looked at Jack, bemused.

“I have absolutely no idea.”

Cutting the next one in squares, he stared at it.

“That just doesn’t look right.”

He quickly cut each square diagonally.

“That’s better.”

Jack laughed.

The End


Well of course they look better that way - with the crusts cut off, naturally.
Ianto is very particular, he likes his sandwiches to be aesthetically pleasing as well as tasty, lol!

Thank you =)
lol i love it

but damn you stole my idea. i was going to have a sarnie thief try to replace them but not cut them in triangles
You can still do that, it's a totally different sandwich-based idea after all! I'd love to read it!

I was just thinking what a sad person I am that the first thing that comes to mind when I see the word 'triangular' is a sandwich! Glad to see it's not just me.
LOL I almost did this too, but opted for my two other bits of insanity. I can so picture Ianto doing this.
As I was saying to captain91 , I thought it made me rather sad that the first thing to come to mind was a sandwich. I feel so much better now knowing that I'm not the only one! I have written another that isn't sandwich-related though, and I have an idea for a Nosy drabble too.

Thank you =)
I love sandwiches for picnic time in triangles too!
love seeing them so domestic
Thank you! Sanwiches always taste better when they are triangular. No idea why, they just do.
The only proper way to eat a sandwich is to cut it into triangles first. *nods*

It's a sandwich's natural shape - at least it is when made from ready sliced bread. The bread we buy isn't square to start with, so neither triangular nor square is an option...

Thank you!
OCD much? LOL.

But seriously, Ianto's right--they look AND taste better cut diagonally. Here's a whole article that explains why!
Wow! I never realised there was scientific proof! But... we don't buy square bread, so sandwiches here are usually weird shapes with at least one curved side, lol!

Ianto is, of course, very particular. I'm sure he found the article later and showed it to Jack to prove that his way is the best!
Loved it!!!
Big hug!!!
Thanks, Ani! *hugs back*
The comments are as much fun as the drabble!triangular sarnies are just posher. Bacon sarnies should just be cut in half or they taste wrong.cucumber must always be triangles.
Perhaps there is an ideal shape for every kind of sandwich, lol!

I love the comments to my fics anyway, different people pick up on different aspects.

Thank you!
Leave it to Ianto!
Yep! He knows the proper way to do things even when he doesn't know why!

Thank you!
OCD much Ianto? hee hee triangle Sandwiches do just look better though.
It's a scientific fact!

But we already know Ianto is very particular about things, I'm sure he likes his sandwiches to look as perfect as possible, lol!

Thank you!

It has to be just right, ya know? 'giggles' Cute little slice of life, for the boys. :)
Thank you!

Yes, Ianto's a perfectionist - there's an art to sandwich making you know. Ianto may not know why he cuts them in triangles, but he knows what looks right.
I'm with Ianto there, they just look better that way! ;)
They really do, it's a scientific fact! They look bigger as triangles too somehow...

Thank you.
I'm agree with Ianto.
sandwiches cut into triangle are much more beautiful!
They look bigger and taste better too!

Thank you =)
Aww cute little domestic moment with the boys. :-)

I think I must be the odd one out - I always cut mine in squares. (Except cucumber sandwiches. Which I dont have very often.)
Mine just end up wonky shapes because we don't use square bread, lol!

I like doing a bit of domestic fluff now and then,
it's good to give the boys a break.

Thank you.