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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: It's Not Unusual - For Torchwood

Title: It’s Not Unusual – For Torchwood

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Rhys

Rating: PG

Written For: biancaruth, for leaving the 100th review on my ff.net drabble collection.

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: Rhys finds out about the peculiar hazards of working for Torchwood.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

“Nothing to worry about,” Ianto said cheerfully.

Rhys stared at Gwen in stunned disbelief.

“Happens a lot, does it?” He sounded a bit dazed.

“This exactly? Not to my knowledge. But similar things? All the time.”

Rhys kept staring.

“Could be worse,” Ianto attempted to reassure the stricken man. “Jack was a rabbit for almost two weeks, and Owen… Well, let’s just say orange really doesn’t suit him. Gwen’s fine, just a little shorter than usual.”

“A little? She’s five inches tall!”

“Tosh will fix it. On the bright side, her clothes shrunk with her.”

Rhys sat down.

“Bloody Torchwood.”

The End


Gwen finally gets taken down to size! (Aw, that was mean...)

Bloody Torchwood! ;)
LOL! She's an action figure!

Rhys' opinion of Torchwood hasn't been imporoved...

Thank you!
Whoops! I can see why he'd be a little upset. Don't worry, Tosh is on the case!
Lol! Yeah, Rhys is the only one who's concerned, everyone else is used to these little mishaps!

Thank you!
maybe we can box her and dispatch her north to Archie?
really nice!
They need to be careful that Myfanwy doesn't fancy a snack... and that no one accidentally sits on her!

Thank you!
Rhys should take Gwen shopping for Barbie townhouses. I bet she'd enjoy it. *grins*
LOL! He can put her in his pocket for safety. At least no one has accidentally sat on her.

Thank you.

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed!
"Bloody Torchwood"! Love it!!! Just wondering what Jack was like as a rabbit.... (Jack rabbit - LOL)
Have you not seen my four Jack rabbit drabbles?





When I get around to it, I'll right the full Tale of Jack Rabbit. It's on my To Write list.

Glad you liked this one!
I agree with Jedi Harkness excrpt for "that was mean"!

I had quite the time deciding exactly WHT had happened to Gwen to cause Rhys' reaction. There are so many things I could've done to her.... Being shrunk to action figure size is probably one of the more minor afflictions, but it needed to be something simple to fit the 100 word limit so that's what I went with, but I was soooo tempted to turn her into something identifiable only by her teeth...

However, I do have some readers who sort of like Gwen, so she got off lightly.

Thank you.
How can you manage to be so funny with so few words? And almost everyday. I'd never be able to write something decent in less than 100 words. You amaze me, really. :D
You know, that's exactly what I said before I wrote my first drabble. Then I started writing something, couldn't get it to go anywhere, it fit that week's prompt at tw100 so I cut out a few words and turned it into a drabble. The next week I wrote another one, and by then I was addicted. It's a challenge. Sometimes I have to cut out a lot to get down to exactly 100 words, but it's fun.

I'm not a hundred percent happy with all my drabbles, but I do really like this one. I'm glad you found it funny!

I got lucky with this week's prompt, I've now written four drabbles for it, and I finally finished this one for a friend so it got posted too. Some weeks I struggle to write just one. It depends if the prompt inspires me!

Thank you =D
thank you for these moments of fun!
You're welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying them! *hugs*
Yep my thoughts exactly Rhys heh heh
He's learning about Torchwood, but for some reason he doesn't seem very happy about it. Can't imagine why! Lol!

Thank you!
Hehe so funny!
Love how Ianto is so totally blase about it. Strange things really do happen all the time.
When Rhys is staring at mini Gwen, I wanted to have her give him a cheery little wave, but I had to cut that line out because of the word count. It would have shown that she was just as blase about her predicament as Ianto was. It's Torchwood, they're used to these little mishaps!

Thank you.
Ianto was quite happy with the situation, and I'm sure it was Gwen's own fault!

Thank you!
It's her only talent ;)