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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Ianto's Coffee

Double Drabble: Into The Wilds

Title: Into The Wilds
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Ianto, Jack.
Rating: G
Written For: Challenge 442: Cloud at tw100.
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: It’s a nice day to be out in the country.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.
A/N: A double drabble.

Rift retrievals in the countryside could be a pain in the arse, but for once they had nice weather for it, so despite the early hour, Ianto was happy to accompany Jack into the wilds. It was quite a hike, so at the top of a steep hill, not far from the coordinates of the Rift spike, they stopped to catch their breath and have a badly needed drink.

Ianto pulled out a flask of his best brew, pouring them a cup each, and they sat quietly on a rock, admiring the scenery, waiting for the steaming hot coffee to cool enough to be drinkable.

Jack was the first to pick up his cup. Considering the way he could gulp down liquids at temperatures that would burn anyone else, Ianto was convinced something in the other man’s futuristic genetic makeup must mean he not only had a cast iron stomach, but that his tongue was impervious to heat. Lucky bastard.

“Um, Ianto?”


“There’s a cloud in my coffee…”

“What?” Ianto glanced across; sure enough, a small, white, fluffy thing was half in Jack’s mug. Ianto poked it cautiously with a spoon. It squeaked.

“I think we’ve found our alien.”

The End


Smart alien. He is in the presence of the Coffee God.
And eagerly partaking of the sustaining brew ;)

Thank you!
LOL even the aliens like Iantos Brew.

great double drabble
Makes catching them so much easier!

Thank you!
Sorry, Torchwood got the only one, and they want it themselves ;)

Thank you!
Isn't there a song like that? "Clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee." I think it's by Carly Simon. LOL
I loved, and I don't know why, this bit:

“Um, Ianto?”


“There’s a cloud in my coffee…”

For whatever reason, it's just perfect.
*giggles* That was the bit I started with, then I wrote the rest of it around that!

I don't know the song personally, but I know OF it, so it seemed perfect for Torchwood.

Thank you!
Got a Video Not Available thing, but I actually do know You're so Vain - JB sings it! I'd just forgotten that line was in it *headdesk*
I'm never sure what works where. Seems kind of dumb to me to limit everything, but nobody asked me. LOL
Yeah, it varies from place to place, because people are weird.
Ianto's fame is universal All aliens know where to find the God of Coffee. Jack doesn't begrudge the cloud a few sips, he knows Ianto will always make him more, and it makes the alien easy to capture
So true on all counts, even if they now have a slightly damp, coffee-scented alien, and jack has alien fluff in his drink. I'm betting he'll pick that out and drink the coffee anyway, no sense wasting it!

Thank you!
*lol* What a cute surprise! :D
Better than a vicious man-eating alien! They get a little coffee-loving cloud thing instead.

Thank you!

A sure fire way to lure any sensible alien out of hiding, though I hope there's an extra cup left over for Jack after having had something swimming in the first one.

Knowing Jack, he'd pick the cloud out, remove any leftover fluff, and drink the coffee anyway. Ianto's coffee is not to be wasted. I'm sure there's more in the flask though, in case little alien cloud drinks all the first cup. It's no doubt thirsty and needs the reviving properties of really great coffee.

Thank you!
I'm going to need some of that magic coffee tomorrow morning to keep me awake at work. Darn the football for starting at midnight and finishing at 2am local time! Should probably go to bed, I'll have to be awake again in two and a half hours!
Yikes! he things people do for favourite sports! I only made it halfway through the Superbowl this year!

Good luck staying awake, I hope at least it was worth staying up for.