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Ianto Little Smile

October 2018



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I'd Hit It

Stupid hashtags!

Does anyone know what all this stupidity with hashtags and numbers being turned into links and journal tags is all about? It's going to take me forever to go through all my entries and put in a space to get rid of the links that are spontaneously appearing and lead nowhere. What is LJ playing at this time? It's an unwanted nuisance that serves no purpose whatsoever >=[


From what I've heard, LJ is now trying to be Twitter, instead of fancying itself Facebook

The whole thing is insane, there wasn't even any kind of notification beforehand, which just proves the lack of respect livejournal has for its users. Hashtags are used in a lot of challenge communities, so now their tag lists are going to wind up full of tags they didn't create and don't want.

This calls for a frowny face >=[
I have no idea though it does make DW look better and better.
Dreamwidth values and respects their users, they don't roll stuff out without telling people in advance, and they wouldn't do anything as daft as this. I keep having to edit posts and delete automatically created tags. It's beyond being a nuisance.

The only reason I'm still on LJ is to have easy access to various communities here
I have friends here who don't want to move which is why I'm staying. Also, a lot of history. I have a feeling though that is going to be the end of LJ. It's already really quiet and ppl are now leaving in droves.
I know what you mean. Many of my friends have migrated, the people who run LJ are running it into the ground. Soon they won't be making a profit. I already backed my journal up on dreamwidth, even though I've bee there for years. Didn't want to lose my LJ comments.

It does sound very Twittery.
And it's precisely what LJ users DON'T need >=[

I'll have to go through my communities and make sure tags haven't been automatically created.

No, wait. Did you do that meme thingie that showed how many posts you've made and how many comments made and received?

That post brought the hashtag tags into my journal when I posted it.
Yes, I did! The underhand B******S! Sneaking that in with something a lot of people are innocently downloading!