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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Overwhelmed

Title: Overwhelmed

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Tosh, Mary

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 280 – Bad Advice at tw100

Spoilers: Greeks Bearing Gifts

Summary: Tosh knows she should never have listened to Mary in the first place…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Not what I wanted to write for this prompt, but try as I might, I couldn’t make a fluffy Nosy-Verse drabble out of it. Apologies for the angst.

It was her own fault really. She’d let Mary persuade her to wear the pendant – again.

“You need to go somewhere public, somewhere crowded.”

So she had and now she’d heard something she couldn’t ignore, something she had no choice but to try to prevent. You can’t overhear someone planning murder and just ignore it.

Now she was here, trying to stop a complete stranger from murdering his ex-wife and child. How was she ever going to explain this to the police – to Jack?

Why had she ever listened to Mary? She’d heard too much already, but she couldn’t stop…

The End


Excellent - that's a perfect example of the prompt.
Thank you! It wasn't what I wanted to write, but the idea hit me last night - had to find a transcript of the episode to refresh my memory though, I just didn't have time to re-watch it!
It's not fluffy or nosy but it is good :-)

Great use of the prompt.

It was bad advice from tosh's perspective but I bet the ex-wife and child were glad of it!
Thank you.

I'll bet they were, but for Tosh it was another thing she couldn't explain to anyone without telling them about the pendant, so it complicated things for her even more. She had such a difficult time in that episode, overhearing things she would have been better off never knowing, I think she lost a lot of her innocence over those few days.
Poor Tosh! She was wary of that pendant all along, but Mary was so good at manipulating her feelings, she let them drown out the little voice inside that said "don't do it".

The scene with the would-be murderer is an interesting choice to illustrate this! Obviously something undoubtedly good came out of it, but you're right, it put her in a really awkward situation with Jack and the authorities, and things could have ended up even worse than they did.

Definitely some bad advice there!
Thank you.

That's the thing with bad advice - it doesn't always have entirely bad results, but it does tend to put you in awkward situations that you could well do without. I was originally just going to use Tosh hearing things she didn't want to from her colleagues - in particuilar, Owen - but when I was skimming through a transcript of the episode, this idea came to mind instead.
very, very good! it really encapsulates that moment and the prompt!
Thank you! This turned out a lot differently than I'd originally thought, but I really like Tosh's dilemma - because of using the pendant, she had to take steps to avert something she wouldn't otherwise have known about and it put her in a very difficult situation. the results of bad advice aren't always what you'd expect. Tosh knows deep down that she shouldn't trust Mary, but Mary is so good at manipulation that Tosh winds up feeling powerless to resist.
Very good ! It fits perfectly the prompt. Simple and effective.
Thank you!

I thought this prompt would be easy, but I ended up having a lot of trouble coming up with something!
wonderful and so true!
Thank you! I just wish I could write more happy scenes for Tosh - most of my Tosh drabbles are so gloomy!
Brilliant take on that scene.
Thank you!

It took me ages to come up with something for that prompt. I thought at first it was going to be easy, but it turned out to be really difficult.
This is terrific
Thank you very much!

I want to write more for Tosh, I just wish the resulting drabbles were more cheerful!
excellent subject.
I'm agree that it could not be a story Nosy!
Thank you!

I wish I could write something happier for Toah though. She deserves to be happy.