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Ianto Little Smile

June 2018



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Ianto Little Smile

Here's my fffc One-Sentence table!

This should be fun - thirty one-sentence fics about Jack and Ianto - now I just have to write them!

overwhelmed anticipation exhaustion humilitation optimistic surprised
confused sympathy anger sad energetic hyper
pleased thankful mischievous bliss tired broken
calm lonely defeated cold love hope
shock relief tears laughter thrilled remorse



i love Janto

This looks harder than it sounds.

Re: i love Janto

The hard part will be keeping to on sentence for each prompt, but blatant abuse of hyphens and semicolons is permitted - it's amazing how far a sentence can be stretched that way!


Re: i love Janto

You will figure it out.

Re: i love Janto

Yes, I'm sure I will =)
Man, you write more than anyone I know! :D
I'm a glutton foe=r punishment, and I only have to write one sentence for each of these so it's not such a big deal as writing 52 stories in a week, which I just did. (Contest Week rocks!)
I'm still not sure about how to write these one-sentence stories, so I've got your chart here bookmarked to return to later and see how you're doing. :) Good luck!
I have no idea how to do it either, lol! I'll just pick a prompt and write a sentence I guess, making full use of hyphens and semicolons in order to fit in as many words as I can ;)

I left a message with the dreamwidth mods asking when, where, and how to post what I write, so hopefully that'll help me figure out what I'm doing o_O
i am always impressed with 1-2 sentences fics cause that shit is hard.
It will be, but it looked like fun so I thought I'd give it a go. I want to see what someone else does before I take the plunge, I've got the whole month.
best of luck, look forward to reading them.
Thanks! Not a lot can be said in one sentence, so I just hope they turn out okay!
best of luck, look forward to reading them.
Good luck!
Thanks! If I get it done quickly enough, I might try again with Dee/Ryo =)