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Ianto Little Smile

June 2018



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Ianto Little Smile

FFFC One Sentence Challenge Take 2

So, I finished my first one-sentence table, and will post the result when I get around to it after the challenge ends (it's only posted to the challenge community on dreamwidth at the moment), and I've decided to try my hand at another one. This time I'm going with the Sexy/Hot prompts, using Torchwood again because the rules say if I do the same card again I can use a different fandom, but if I have a different card, I have to use the fandom I already picked. There's nothing to say I can't do both cards using FAKE after the challenge ends though... ;)

Anyway, here's the new card. I'll be using a lot of different pairings this time instead of just Janto.

against the wall all day naked burning desire chocolate sauce crime of passion morning after
wet dreams tickling strip club speed dating virgin secret affair
rough sex one night stand BDSM tabu orgasm flirting
ex sex tattoo candles outdoor sex love hot tub
trapped lap dance condoms strangers shower body oil


Oooh, look at those Sexy Hot prompts! Can't wait to see what you write!
Why don't you have a crack at it too? Just one sentence per prompt, abuse those hyphens and semicolons as much as you like!

I haven't started this one yet, just trying to finish my latest fan_flashworks piece.

Prompts are up at torchwood_fest too, if you want to join in.


There are over a hundred this time!
Good luck with this.
Thanks! I plan on working on it today. If I get it done quickly I'll be able to do it again for FAKE =D

I've done one square already this morning.