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Writers and betas need for Torchwood Fest!

The Spring/Summer fest is now underway at torchwood_fest - posting is still some time off, doesn't start until July 1st, so there's plenty of time to write something. The prompts are up and there are over a hundred to choose from; no need to claim prompts though, they're all open for anyone, all you need to do is write.

Prompts are here on LJ or here on dreamwidth - both lists are the same so take your pick.


I'm also looking for one or more people willing to beta the fics I write for the Fest - so far I have one ready for looking over, so if anyone can spare the time, I'd be grateful. They'll probably all be on the short side, the first one is just over 1400 words. If you can volunteer, comment below or PM me =D

The Fest itself could also use betas if anyone is interested!
Tags: help needed, torchwood_fest

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