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All Suggestions Gratefully Received!

Okay, so far I have written three Butterfly drabbles (Elusive Butterfly, Adhesive Butterfly and Impulsive Butterfly), and I'm working on a fourth which I already have a title for.... but, I'm hoping to continue the series and for that I need more titles. I want to stay with the idea I've used so far, therefore I need more words ending with 'ive'.

I'm making a list, but most that I've come up with so far don't seem to have much potential as titles (at least they're not proving inspiring), so here's where I call on my friends (and anyone else who happens to wander into my journal) for ideas and suggestions. Please can you rummage through your brains and see if you can come up with more words ending in 'ive'?

Suggesters of winning words will get the drabble using that word as the title dedicated to them!
Tags: help needed

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