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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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The Oncoming Coat

Drabble: Everyone Has Them

Title: Everyone Has Them

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Tosh, Owen

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 282 – Parents at tw100

Spoilers: Probably most of Torchwood.

Summary: Everyone has them, but all are different…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Parents. Everyone has them.

Gwen’s are loving, caring, devoted to their only child.

Jack’s are long gone, yet at the same time haven’t even been born yet. As much a paradox as he is.

Tosh seldom gets to see hers; part of the deal made by Jack in order to free her from the UNIT prison.

Ianto’s are dead. A father too demanding and a mother too weak to shield him from his father’s temper.

As for Owen, he doesn’t even remember his father, and wishes he could forget the look on his mother’s face the day he turned sixteen…

The End


You broke my heart. Except for Gwen, they are all pretty much orphans.
Yeah, I noticed that. But that's trypical of RTDs writing isn't it? Gwen gets the best of everything because she's the 'normal, human one', and the others suffer in every way possible, with abusive parents, doomed love lives and tragic, soul-destroying losses so that Gwen can continue to exist in her perfect, happy little bubble where nothing bad ever happens.

Sorry, feeling a bit bitter at the fates of the rest of the team - writing this stirred up a few resentments =/

Thank you.
After all the fluff of your earlier drabbles, this bit of angst is a shock.

Love it.
It was a bit of a shock to write too!

Thank you! I have something hopefully funnier for tomorrow...
Wow, very introspective and a bit sad. Well done.
Thank you!

It rather surprised me, but I kinda like it.
This was sad, the team all have alot of sadness when it comes to their parents.
There's a lot of sadness in most of their pasts. Only Gwen is free from that, the others carry a heavy burden of emotional scars.

Thank you.
Very poignant.
I want to hug the whole team. Except for Gwen, who yet again gets off scot-free as the others have to deal with such emotional issues.

Nicely done. Not used to angst from you!
I do angst occasionally in drabbles - it's usually Tosh or Ianto who bear the brunt though, I spread ot around this time.

Yeah, that's why I put Gwen first - everything is rosy and perfect in her life, always has been. She has no idea what it's like to really suffer. Even when she lost Rhys briefly she got him back almost immediately, then ignored him to sit with Jack. =|

Thank you. Hopefully I'll post my other, happier drabble today.
I really need to watch all the Dr. Who shows with Jack in them. I'm confused about Jack's parents. Did they live in a parallel world or way in the future in this time line? He only spoke of it twice that I remember in TW. The one with Ianto and the Pterodactyl and of course "Adam."

This was so sad. I didn't know about Ianto's mom and dad either. Did they speak of them in COE? We met his sister, I know....

This was very good. :)

Most of this is guesswork based on what we see on Torchwood. The part about Jack's parents I took from Adam (there's nothing about Jack's family on Doctor Who, so you're not missing anything there). He grew up in the 51st century, so technically his parents haven't been born yet, but his dad was killed in the invasion where Gray was taken and I've taken the liberty of assuming that his mom probably died after Jack left to join the Time Agency.

Gwen's is obvious, her parents doted on her during her wedding episode.

I'm assuming Tosh didn't get to see her parents much, so that's guesswork.

Owen we know was thrown out by his mother on his 16th birthday, his dad is never mentioned so I figure his mom was a single mother or something.

I hate CoE's version of Ianto's relationship with his father, but it worked better for this drabble than the happy relationship hinted at in From Out Of The Rain. I don't know anything about his mother, so I'm using fan speculation that Ianto might know about the Providence Park mental hospital because his mother was a patient there. And I killed her too, because she's never mentioned.
Aww so so sad.
I know! Woe! =(

I didn't really WANT to write a sad one, but it just sort of... happened. The idea came to me, I wrote it and it was sadder than I expected.

I do have a less gloomy one for later today though.

Thank you!
So much saddness and hurt!
I know! It was tough to write, realising how much most of the team had lost or missed out on.

Thank you.
too bad
I prefer return to nosy, bob, the butterfly
So do I, but this one demanded to be written for the prompt. It made me feel sad writing it.

Don't worry, there will be lots more from Nosy, the butterfly and hopefully Bob soon.
Even this little said can make things so sad *tissues* :*) <3
*hands tissues*

Thank you. It made me sad to write it. Happy childhood memories seem to be rare for Torchwood.
Very moving
Thank you. Once I started thinking about it, I realised there was a lot of sadness for most of the team regarding their families. Only Gwen has a good relationship with her parents.