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Ianto Little Smile

August 2022



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Drabble: Sneak Thief

Title: Sneak Thief

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Owen, Nosy

Rating: G

Written For: Quiet Time, for leaving the 200th review on my ff.net drabble collection. Probably not exactly what you wanted, but I hope it’s close enough!

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: Nosy is curious about Owen’s odd habit….

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Nosy had noticed Owen often seemed to be chewing something, and was naturally curious. It had been watching for days, and now it saw Owen unwrap something from silvery paper.

“Owen, can you spare a minute?” called Jack from his office.

Cursing under his breath, Owen put down the paper and its contents.

“What is it now?” he grumbled, heading up the steps.

As soon as Owen had gone, Nosy slunk forward and sniffed. Minty! It delicately picked up the strange thing and started chewing.

A few minutes later, Owen returned to his workstation.

“’Ere, who’s pinched my chewing gum?”

The End


Oh, I do hope Nosy doesn't get any gum in his fluff! LOL!
That would be a disaster! LOL!

(It's a miracle it hasn't happened yet - we all know where people tend to park their gum, and with Nosy always slithering under the furniture...)

Thank you!
Did he swallow it?
As far as I know, Nosy is 'hiding' under the coffee table, still chewing! LOL!

Thank you!
Hee hee I think Nosy is in for a not so nice surprise.
Chewing gum isn't as much fun as Owen makes it seem, lol!

Thank you!
What's Nosy going to do when it loses it's flavor? LOL
I haven't decided - yet! Might see if I can come up with a sequel, we'll see.

Thank you.
Nosy is really very curious.
Is the mint that he decided to try? or that Owen chews.
In fact, Nosy is also very clever: he made the association.
Nosy is very clever indeed, it has been watching Owen carefully. It knows this is what Owen chews and it wants to try it. I think it already likes mints - perhaps the others have given it mints sometimes and so it likes the taste, but chewing gum is different. All the chewing gets a bit boring after a while and then the taste goes...
chewing gum + fur = bad combination. Oh no, don't give my reckless kitty ideas!
It's too late for me - my brain already got ideas...

Thank you!
Uh oh. Make sure it doesn't swallow it, or get it stuck in it's fur....
I can safely say Nosy won't swallow it...

Thank you!
hee hee!
Thank you, glad it gave you a giggle!