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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Drabble: Sneak Thief Revealed

Title: Sneak Thief Revealed

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Nosy, Owen

Rating: G

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: The Sneak Thief is identified…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: A sequel to ‘Sneak Thief’

As Ianto emerged from the archives with some files for Jack, Nosy slithered past, chewing on something. Ianto watched for a moment, then shrugged and headed for Jack’s office.

Emerging thirty minutes later, he spotted Nosy by the couch, still chewing. Frowning in puzzlement, he continued to the kitchen to make coffee.

He passed Nosy, who was still chewing, on his way his way to hand out the coffees. Noticing that Owen was also busily chewing, something clicked.

“Owen, I think I know who stole your gum earlier.” He pointed at Nosy.

“Damn! Good thing it wasn’t bubblegum,” Owen muttered.

The End


I imagine by the result if he could do with bubbles!
I wonder who would paste to remove it! (no pun intended).
I think the best solution would have been to shave him....
Fortunately, this is not likely to happen if Nosy simply chew: force it loses its stickiness.
the matter is he going to do after? what is doing Owen when he wants more??
Nosy has tried chewing gum now, so its curiosity is satisfied - it can't really understand why Owen likes gum so much. Now Nosy just has to figure out what to do with the gum it's chewing!

I might write one with bubblegum, just because it would be funny.
poor person who do help Nosy....
At least Nosy is chewing it and not swallowing it!
Poor Nosy doesn't know what else to do with gum! It's seen Owen chewing, but it doesn't know what's supposed to be done next, so it just keeps chewing...

Thank you!
Aww poor Nosy.!
Lol. Sorry, I shouldn't be laughing at it - that's just so sweet :-)
Yeah, poor Nosy... I really should write a drabble to resolve the situation or it may never stop chewing.
My thought exactly! I'm so glad the Nose-ster just didn't swallow it. It might have gotten a quite the bellyache, and Ianto would have to take care of it all night. :-p
Owen will have to show Nosy what to do with used gum. And by that, Ianto does NOT been sticking it under the nearest table...

Thank you!
But Nosy is at such a good level for sticking it under the nearest table! :-p
Yes it is, but it's also at a good level to get stuck to the chewing gum, so not such a great idea. Besides Ianto Would Not Approve - even Nosy isn't going to risk being denied coffee!
*hee* Very good thing it wasn't bubble gum! Don't think Ianto would be happy picking sticky stuff out of Nosy's fluff! ;)
I'm seriously considering writing something about bubblegum... *evil grin*

Thank you!
Too true good thing it wasnt bubble gum heh heh, bu I just hope it doesnt get stuck in Nosy fur, I know what a messy situation that can be.
Ummm, yeah *winks* Just you wait - I was busy writing drabbles yesterday....

Thank you!
Owen's right...good thing it wasn't bubble gum! LOL!
Did someone mention bubblegum? *looks innocent*

I wrote six drabbles yesterday, plus half a possible double drabble...

Thank you!
Wow you've been busy!
Um, yeah, I don't quite know what happened except that LJ stopped wiorking for several hours and I couldn't post or cross-post anything, and somehow that resulted in writing drabbles instead *scratches head* Then instead of posting one of them this morning, I wrote another one and posted that instead... o.O
Ahahaha! Imagine if it had been bubblegum...
Believe me, I have imagined - now I just have to finish writing it...

Thank you!
LOL! Love it! Looking forward to more...
I have to write one from Nosy's POV about what to do with the gum now...

I have another chewing-gum related drabble series written though, a story told in 4 drabbles ;)

Thank you!
I'm still smiling :D
Thank you, smiling is good! I like knowing I've put a smile on someone's face!