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Ianto Little Smile

February 2019



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Dee & Ryo

FAKE Drabble: Home Alone


Title: Home Alone
Author: badly_knitted
Characters: Bikky, mentions Ryo.
Rating: G
Setting: Early in the manga.
Summary: Bikky often arrives home to an empty apartment.
Written Using: The tw100 prompt ‘Home Alone’.
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.
A/N: This one’s a drabble and a half, 150 words.

Even when his dad had been alive, Bikky had been a latchkey kid, going home to an empty apartment each night. Back then, on the days he didn’t skip classes altogether, he’d drop off his schoolbag and then hang out with his friends for a few hours. Some nights his dad didn’t come home at all.

These days, things were different; arriving home, Bikky dumped his bag, kicked off his shoes, and went into the kitchen to fix himself a snack. Then it was back to the lounge to look through his homework. The easy stuff he did while he ate, then if Ryo wouldn’t be home until later, he sometimes went out for an hour. As long as he got all his homework finished before bedtime Ryo wouldn’t mind.

Being home alone never bothered Bikky, he was used to it. Besides, he knew Ryo would be home before long.

The End


Thank you! Bikky's life has really turned around. Losing his dad was devastating, and yet it's given him a chance at a much better life.

Thank you!