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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Happy To See Jack

Drabble: The Language Of Vegetables

Title: The Language Of Vegetables

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 284 – Floriography at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto and Jack have a conversation while shopping.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Browsing the supermarket produce section with Ianto, Jack prodded at a lettuce.

“Back in Victorian times, lettuces symbolised cold-heartedness.”

If Ianto was surprised by Jack’s random comment, it didn’t show.

“So if you wanted to tell someone they were cold-hearted, you’d give them a lettuce?”

“Something like that I guess.”

“Bizarre. How about cabbages?”


Ianto nodded sagely. “Sounds about right. Lot of money in cabbages.”

Jack laughed.

“So, if I were to give you this,” Ianto waved a cucumber at Jack, “What would that mean?”

“That I’m onto a sure thing tonight?” Jack sounded hopeful.

Ianto winked. “Could be.”

The End


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Love it!

You're quick off the mark this week... I've barely started thinking about it.
I was out shopping this morning - I think seeing all the vegetables kick-started my brain. As soon as I saw lettuces had a meaning, I knew what I had to write, lol! Jack, and now Ianto, automatically find suggestive meanings in everyday objects, they can't help themselves.

Thank you!
What those boys do on their own time is none of my business! *heh*
I'm sure the other shoppers thought the same thing! Shopping with Jack would be an adventure =)

Thank you!
ROFL! I love the banter here. I really don't care for grocery shopping, but I bet this trip was fun! And of course there's a cucumber involved... :-p

Great use of the prompt!
Lol! Of course there is, what's more suggestive than a cucumber?! There's never a dull moment with Jack, even shopping takes a turn for the kinky! The boys find ways to have fun no matter what they're doing ;)

I love grocery shopping, I don't get to do it often so when I do I revel in it. That's where I was all morning, so I had plenty of inspiration.

Thank you.
What else could it have ment?!
Well of course! If you want to proposition someone, just wave a cucumber at them! LOL!

Thank you!
Zucchini in season is also a good choice firmer and ridged
Ianto is taking notes for future shopping trips...

Thank you!
I had a roommate who kept a cucumber by her bed...

And no, she didn't get hungry at night...at least, not that kind of hungry.

So yeah, there might be something to that. :)
Jack would approve! Cucumbers have a multitude of uses, they're the new multi-purpose accessory! They're easily replaceable and come in shapes and sizes to suit all tastes, lol! I'll never look at them the same way again!

Thank you!
Lol jack is starting to rub off on Ianto. Hopefully it doesn't get to mushy when they play with it.
Jack's been rubbing off on Ianto for quite a while ;)

The great thing about cucumbers is that they're reasonably cheap and easily replaceable. I'm sure they got enough for their evening - a whole cucumber is enough for two!

Thank you!
lol i love it
Thank you! I never realised cucumbers could be so inspiring - saw a lot of them while shopping yesterday, then came home to this week's prompt!
so sweet! domestic and sexy - that's Janto!
Thank you!

I've always thought they'd find ways to flirt whatever they're doing, it's part of who they are.
loved their domestic banter!
oops cucumbers are one of those multifacetic veggies .... ;)
Cucumbers are the new all-purpose accessory!

Thank you, I love writing these two doing completely ordinary things in their own special way!
hahaha oh that's funny and naughty at the same time, great work.
Thank you!

Those two will flirt any time, any place, and it certainly makes every day chores more fun!


You stole the script from RTDs series for HBO! I am so telling!


0.0 That never even crossed my mind when I was writing it, but now you come to mention it...

Of course, I think my version would be better - Jack, Ianto, cucumbers... LOL!
LMAO! Oh, love your boys. Amazing how much can happen in a hundred words. Snark, flirtation, and... they're shopping together? Sorry, Jack, it's definitely a 'relationship' now.
In my Torchwood world they're definitely in a relationship. Jack loves shopping - there are countless opportunities for innuendo!

Thank you, glad you liked it! Less than a year ago I thought I'd never be able to write something in 100 words, but now I'm completely addicted to drabbling. It constantly amazes me how much can be fitted into a mere 100 words.
Vegetables can be very suggestive, it's true!
And Jack delights in them, naturally. He and Ianto are developing their own 'language of vegetables' to send each other messages. Ianto has a whole new appreciation of veggies, lol!

Thank you!

Oh my, so hilarious! Only our Jack could turn a trip to the produce section into foreplay. LOL Loved it! :)
Thank you!

Ianto loves taking Jack shopping - he never knows what will happen, but he can usually count on it being entertaining! After all, Jack can turn ANYTHING into foreplay, or a sex toy, or both!
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