badly_knitted (badly_knitted) wrote,

My Serendipity Claims Prompt Tables

Yes, you read the heading right - Tables, plural. Insane person that I am, I've signed up for three, and I haven't started work on any of them yet. I really need to get going. Anyway, here they are...

Tier Two - Bestial - Torchwood


Fangs Claws
Scales Feathers
Wings Horns
Tails Fur
Gills Odd amount
of eyes

Tier Three - Things - Torchwood - Jack/Ianto


Ripped jeans Puddles Breeze Silk sheets Jewelry
Pets Comfort item Fallen leaves Old papers Pebbles
Coffee mugs Tools Lucky charm Photographs Technology
Trophies Fairy lights Gifts Letters Makeup
Tattoos Fireworks Badges Numbers Bookshelves

General (7) - FAKE

General (7)

Dance Exhaustion Conflicted Angst Ocean
Sour Cape Collide Closet Suture
Strawberry Reunion Bar Salt Envy
Jagged Stop Space Night Fauna
Wonder Construct Emerald Screws Vulnerable
Tags: fake fic, fic, serendipity prompt tables, torchwood fic

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