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April 2024



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DAMNIT! I've had 12 anonymous spam comments trying to seel me cheap knockoff sports jerseys on the same post in one day!

I have better things to do with my time than marking comments as spam.


I wish they weren't anonymous so I could ban the sender. =[


You can change your settings so that anonymous comments are no longer allowed. I was forced to do that as I also got all those Louis Vitton things, like 80 in one post. So now only people with an LJ account can write a comment.
*headdesk* Why didn't I think of that? Thanks, I think I left my brain somewhere, lol! I've been seething all day and the solution is so simple. Ianto must be so ashamed of me, I can see him rolling his eyes.
What dieastra said. Mind you, I still get an occasional spam comment, but very few.
I am an idiot, obviously. It never occurred to me! I will change my settings. *hangs head in shame* I though I was getting reasonably competent at this computer stuff...
Yeah, only rarely. It's sad that I had to turn it off though, as I wanted to give everyone a chance to comment. I tried at first to have the CAPTCHA but this did not help at all.
But at least I got a comment from Carole Barrowman before I had to close it down ;)
Thirding this. I was getting at least two dozen a day spam comments and, after I turned off anonymous commenting, they went away.

I was about ready to tear my hair out over it so I know how you feel. *hugs*

EDIT: Cause I can't spell worth nothing today. *laughs*

Edited at 2013-06-03 09:14 pm (UTC)
I've been getting spam comments on and off for months, sometimes several a day but scattered among various posts, but every one of these has been attached to the same drabble and 12 in one day really is overkill!

And in all this time, it never once occurred to me to disable anonymous comments. Well, they do say as you get older the brain starts to go... Maybe I put it down somewhere and forgot to pick it up again o.O


They say the mind is the second thing to go...I don't remember what the first thing is. *laughs*
Look at it from the bright side - that you get so many means that many people visit your blog; others get far less spam because it wouldn't pay off ^_^"
LOL! That's a novel way of looking at it! Of course, the spammers totally wated their time since I never bother to read any obvious spam, I just delete it!

I've adjusted my settings to block anonymous comments - sad but for the moment necessary. Maybe I'll switch back in a few months and see if the spammers have given up!
Sounds like a good idea :)
I HATE that. :/ I used to like leaving the anon comments on, just in case, but... Yeah, it's just much more pleasant to be able to avoid the spam!
Yesterday was blissfully spam-free!

The spammers are wasting their time with me anyway, I never respond to spam comments or click any links in them, I just mark as spam and delete. I must admit it's slightly satisfying, but it's better not to get spam in the first place. I just can't believe it never occurred to me to just change my settings o.O
Yay!! :D And yeah, I can never figure out the point of those spam messages anyway. O_o At least the ones I've gotten have just been random links and I always wonder if anyone clicks on them? Ever? :P But I'm glad you found a solution~ <3
Well, I've only ever had two anonymous messages that weren't spam, so banning anonymous comments isn't going to cause problems as far as I can see. It won't stop people without accounts from reading, they just won't be able to comment *shrugs* They probably wouldn't anyway, lol!

Anyone who goes clicking on random, suspect links is just asking for trouble.