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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Tosh - I Rule

Drabble: A Rare Treasure

Title: A Rare Treasure

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Tosh

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 285 – One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure at tw100

Spoilers: Greeks Bearing Gifts

Summary: Jack thinks Tosh deserves much more than she gets.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Inspired by in_motu_proprio – as soon as I read her reply to my comment on her drabble, this popped into my head. I wrote it in 5 minutes. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jack watched Tosh carefully in the aftermath of Mary. It was so unfair. Time after time, she was tossed aside like yesterday’s newspaper, her heart broken by people like Mary who only wanted to use her, or like Owen who barely noticed she existed except when he needed her help with something.

Yet each time, she bravely picked up the pieces of her shattered heart and carried on, somehow keeping hope alive.

Brave, brilliant and beautiful, Jack knew she was a rare treasure, he just hoped that someday someone would see her true worth and cherish her as she deserved.

The End


Tosh needs love. In my head cannon, she didn't die and had a nice happily ever after with Ianto.
I'm still trying to pair her off with Owen, because Jack and Ianto are my forever pairing, lol! I've always seen Ianto and Tosh as really good friends though, and I'm not averse to Ianto/Jack/Tosh - I think she'd really enjoy that!

Thanks for the inspiration, I had no ideas for a second drabble this week until I read your reply to my comment!
Beautiful drabble. Tosh never got her due.
Thank you!

I think Jack was quite protective of her, he wanted her to be happy, but everything seemed to conspire against her.
This is so sweet and so true for Tosh!
Thank you. I just wish Tosh had found true happiness. At least Jack could see her worth even if no one else bothered.
Nice. Very nice.
Thank you =)

I literally had no ideas for a second drabble, but one comment from a fellow drabbler and I knew exactly what I wanted to write.
Really beautiful drabble! I always found it unfair, that Tosh never got her due or was recognized by Owen. There she was, right under his nose, but he just didn't see her, it is so sad...
Thank you! I agree, Tosh was so amazing and I wanted her to find happiness, but instead she was killed off. It was an incredibly moving and corageous end for her, but still, she deserved to have happiness with someone who truly loved her and all she got was a broken heart.
I wish that too for Tosh,

Great drabble.
Thank you!

In my head, Tosh and Owen both survived and there WILL be a Happy Ever After. I'd love for Jack to giver Tosh away at her wedding, and I think Jack would love that too.
Tosh deserved so much more, especially much, much more than the other female I'll not name!
Agreed! Jack wanted her to have the best of everything, he was so proud of her, but sadly it was not to be (unless you completely ignore certain canon events the way I do!)
Aww this is so sweet, but also sad. Tosh deserved so much more.
I love how protective Jack is of her.
I've always felt that Tosh was very special to Jack, he saw her potential and became her champion, rescuing her from UNIT because he believed in her and wanted her to have the life she deserved, but he couldn't help her find the love she longed for.

Thank you.
this is really beautiful and you described Tosh so deeply!
Thank you so much! I'm rather proud of this one, it only took a few minutes to write and I like the way it turned out!
Brilliant. This is just brilliant. Thank you for sharing. :)
Thank you!

This was one of the fastest drabbles I've ever written, I'm glad you liked it.
*feels a little sad now* *hugs Tosh* <3
I made myself feel sad with this one. I almost always seem to write sad things for Tosh, she had such a tragic life really. She deserved so much better.

Thank you.
Nicely done
Thank you!

I just wish Tosh had got the attention she deserved.