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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Blue Is The Colour...

Title: Blue Is The Colour…

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Owen, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 286 – True Blue at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack is blue. Owen is amused

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Saving Cardiff from rampaging aliens wasn’t unusual for Torchwood, the Rift saw to that.

It wasn’t even that unusual for aliens to explode unexpectedly – earth conditions were hazardous to the health of many non-terrestrial species, so Torchwood had become adept at getting various kinds of alien gloop off clothing, pavements and people. Sometimes the gloop stained, but Ianto was amazingly good at stain removal. Usually.

Not this time though. Jack was bright blue and apparently there was nothing that could be done.

Owen, of course, found it hilarious.

“Guess you really are a true blue hero,” he sniggered.

“Bite me!”

The End


Yay inspiration struck!
*gives your plot bunnies carrots*

Poor Jack! Hehe :-)

*watches munching bunnies*

My bunnies thank you, and so do I.

My brain is stuck in literal mode. Ah well, at least I got something written.

Yep, poor Jack. Ianto is feeling bad because he can't seem to turn Jack the right colour again. He's never failed before and is worried that the blueness might prove catching. Owen is too busy laughing to worry about anything.
Oh dear - I wonder what the others will say about this.
I suspect Gwen will also laugh, Tosh will be concerned and Ianto is mortified because this is the first time he hasn't been able to get a stain out of something and it's Jack who's indelibly stained.

Thank you!
ROFL! That never even occurred to me. Of course, unlike a Smurf, even Jack's hair is blue. There's no part of him that isn't blue and it won't come off. Ianto's tried everything he can think of ;)

Thank you.
hahahahaah but blue is the Captain's color!!!!!
Yes, but it doesn't bring out the colour of his eyes so well when he's blue all over, they just blend into the background, lol!

Thank you!
heh heh heh. Poor Jack. Is Ianto afraid to touch him because he might turn blue too.

This is giving me smutty ideas.

Edited at 2013-06-12 02:58 pm (UTC)
Ianto IS rather concerned about that, I think. He doesn't want to be blue as well. He's tried to get the stain off Jack but nothing is working.

Bring on the blue smut, if you dare!

Thank you!
Aw, Jack...don't be blue... *laughs*
He's not blue by choice, he's blue by default. Ianto was tempted to try bleach and a scrubbing brush, but Jack went an odd purple colour and ran off...
No you turned Jack into a smurf! But if it washes off Ianto's going to have to clean in a lot of interesting places.
Smurf plus, because EVERYTHING about Jack is currently blue and it won't come off. Ianto is depressed, he's never failed to remove a stain before, he doesn't know what else to try!

Thank you!
LOL! Whoops! Sorry for laughing, Jack, but it is a wee bit funny. I'm sure it will come off eventually.

If Ianto's stain removal efforts won't work, maybe Owen can concoct some chemical that will do the job. Once's he's stopped sniggering, of course. :-p
Yeah, right now Owen is laughing too hard to be any help at all!

Ianto hates failing at stain removal, I suspect he is becoming obsessed with turning Jack the right colour again. That may not be the best news Jack has ever heard, depending on what Ianto tries next!
Should we call him Captain Smurf now? LOL
I'm sure Owen will! Jack won't notice though, he's too busy consoling Ianto who is distraught about being unable to restore Jack's normal colour.

Thank you!
This made me commit fanarts....

This might start a 3D adventure! :)
ROFL! Blue Jack!

The adventures of Ianto, trying to restore Jack's normal colouring... dun dun dun. Maybe Jack will turn different colours as Ianto struggles to find a solution to the problem until quite be accident, they discover something very unlikely that washes the colour right off, like mayonnaise or ketchup, or something equally daft. *giggles*

Thank you!
I can totally imagining Owen having a field day with this - I hope someone can keep Ianto away, because I guess bleach and a scrubbing brush wouldn't be Jack's idea of having a good time ;)

Though I don't get the reference - what is a 'true blue hero'?
It's just a saying, I think True blue refers to racial purity or something like that, never been sure, so possibly a pure and perfect hero or something like that. We have a lot of sayings whose true meanings have been lost in the past.

Yeah, poor Ianto, he really wants to get the stain out, he hates failing at any part of his job, but it's Jack who's turned blue which creates even more problems. He doesn't really want to harm Jack, but he doesn't want Jack permanently blue either, so Ianto may be starting to lose his mind a little. I'm sure he'll feel better after a cup of coffee and a rest, and the impulse to scrub Jack with bleach will pass. He's just not thinking very clearly right now, lol!
Poor Jack hope he is not feeling too blue *snigger* coundn't resist that.

great drabble.
He wasn't at first, but now he's really got the blues. People keep laughing at him and Ianto is stressed because he can't make Jack... well, Jack coloured. Jack is blue all over. He's checked. Several times. And nothing he's tried has made Jack any less blue.

Thank you!
Hee! I'd like to see that. :)
With a bit of luck, you might! totally4ryo is working on one of her 3D art things with a bright blue Jack. I saw a preview, but it wasn'y ready for posting so I don't know if it will get posted or not. I think there was a little pic in the comments here somewhere...

Thank you =)
Hahahaa! Love it!
Thank you!

Jack wasn't so pleased - neither was Ianto who was torn between worrying that the blue might rub off Jack and onto him, and trying to find something that would turn Jack back to his regular colour. As good as Jack looks in blue, there's a limit!
in a sense, it is better than Jack is a blue smurf that black ! (gnap!!) blue is not contagious!
There are worse colours to be than blue, it's true!

Hopefully the blueness isn't contagious. Ianto is working on a way to turn Jack the right colour again.

Thank you.