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March 2023


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Well, that made my day! The Red Arrows, in formation, flew practically over my house! I knew they were doing a fly-past over the city for Armed Forces Day, but to actually see them... FANTASTIC! We're about 4 miles from the city, I wasn't at all sure they'd come this far out, never mind in the right direction for us to see them. The sound is deafening.

Sadly, mum missed it. They're so fast they were out of sight by the time she got outside. I had a much better vantage point at my bedroom window.
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Brilliant aren't they? So exciting. We had the planes from trooping the colour fly past the weekend before last. ( we are just outside london). Scary watching the close formation! Didn't get the red arrows though. Fab!

I've seen them once, many years ago, when they flew over the beach at Lyme Regis one year when we were on holiday. Everyone was looking the wrong way, they came from behind us so low and loud everyone ducked!

Never expected to see them again because I can't travel, but incredibly, after they flew over Nottingham, they came in exactly the right direction to very nearly fly over our house - I think they were just a little to the right between us and our neighbour. Not too low, but still incredibly loud - but as always, by the time you really hear them they're already past, so mostly I saw them from behind. then watched as they banked to fly back towards Notts.

Their formation stayed spot on the entire time, it's as if they're glued to a framework. I can't begin to imagine the amount of concentration and practice it takes to hold position like that, especially considering the speeds they go at. It took my breath away, I feel so lucky to have seen them again.
They are pretty impressive!
I've never seen them perform (except on tv) but they are based in Lincolnshire so depending where they are flying to we do get to see them en route sometimes.
I'd love to see them do a show.
The show they put on over Lyme Regis bay was incredible - but deafening!

I checked out Youtube and saw some footage of the actual fly past, but they were still in formation when the reached us so it was an impressive sight. They just didn't have the red white and blue vapour trail by the time they got here.

Watching them banking to head back towards Nottingham, still in perfect formation, was mind-blowing. They must have nerves of steel!
Oh, that's awesome. :) What a treat for the day. So cool you got to see them.
It was brilliant!

The could have gone in any direction, I had no idea from which direction they would pass over Nottingham anyway, but to have their flight path take them practically over my house was just the best kind of good fortune! It was a memorable sight, even if I did only see them from behind!

If you check out youtube, several people have put up footage of the fly past with the red, white and blue vapour trails. That had run out by the time they reached us to it was just grey, but it didn't matter, they were still flying in perfect formation, nine small planes and one big one in front. I'll remember that for the rest of my life, the same was I'll always remember seeing Concorde lowering its nose cone as it headed for the East Midlands airport - one and only time it passed close enough to my house that I saw it from my back garden. Sometimes, i get lucky enough to see something amazing =D
With how fast it sounds like they were moving, any glimpse of them would be special. :) I'll definitely check youtube when I get home. I'm at work waiting for coworkers to get their acts together.

Wow, the Concorde too. That's one I've only seen on TV. So very awesome. :)
It was only once, from a distance, and a long time ago but yeah, it was great to have that chance. I jump to the window to watch the big Chinook helicopters whenever they pass near us as well (we have an ordnance depot not far from us). I like seeing aircraft in flight.

The only time it wasn't so much fun was when mum, dad and I were driving past an airfield where the runway was parallel to the road as a big jet was taking off. There was this roar behind us, mum looked back and said something like "Oh my God! Look at that! NO! DON'T LOOK!" I looked back and I swear it looked like this huge plane was about to come through the rear window, lol! It looked like it was low enough to reach out and touch, but then it was past us and gaining altitude. Poor mum was convinced it was going to land on us, never mind that it was taking off! Somehow dad managed to keep his eyes on the road.
Still so fun. *Grins* The coolest thing we get flying around here is the military Blackhawk helicopter once a year when the ROTC students are graduating and they get to go ride in it.

Wow, freaky. I've had planes buzz me like that when they were getting ready to land and it's breathtaking, if a little scary.
Not so sure about the breathtaking part, but definitely scary - it looked huge and because we were moving at about 50mph, maybe a bit more, we stayed ahead of it for a few minutes with it gaining on us and finally going overhead. I don't think I'd really like to do that again, especially as we didn't know there was a runway just the other side of the hedge. When I think about it, I've had some pretty strange but interesting experiences!
I guess it depends on how close they actually get to you. *grins*

There's an airport down in San Francisco where the runway deadends into the ocean. I love flying into that airport because it's fun to watch first-timers going in there start worrying about the runway. Yeah, mean of me, but it's so cool to watch water and more water and then suddenly be on land. I dunno, maybe I'm just weird. *Grins*
Quite possibly!

I've never flown, I like my feet firmly on the ground, thankyou very much! I'll watch planes but I've never really wanted to be in one. I don't like heights.
I'm not fond of take-off, but I love being up in the air and landings. *Grins* Then again, I've been traveling since I was a baby so I know every noise a plane is supposed to make. It helps.

I guess that would make a big difference. Never much liked the idea myself, not that it matters now since I can't travel anyway.
Yeah, probably. :)

You do travel, it's just via TV and internet. :)
Good point! =D
That is really nice!
I live four kilometres away from the Air Force Base I used to work in so I see planes all over my house very often.
My hubby, who is retired from the Air Force, still has contacts who invite us to all the exhibition they do here.

I saw the Red Arrows in an exhibition on TV with some Italian acrobats too but there was no comparison.

So happy you could see them today!
I was so thrilled! It was a real treat to see them, they are amazing and we're very proud to have such a world-renowned team. The precision it must take to fly so close together in formation is mind-blowing. I feel very lucky to have seen them!
Wow, you were lucky !

They are very impressive and always make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I've seen them - though that hasn't been for a few years !

I grew up near Biggin Hill and my Mum used to take me to the Battle of Britain air show there every year. Along with seeing the Spitfires and Hurricanes the highlight for me was always the Red Arrows dislays. Remember having to leave one year just before their 'show' and spent the bus ride home straining to see them out of the bus' back window !

I was very lucky! They really are unforgettable, once seen always remembered.

It must have been brilliant going to the air show - despite all the many and varied things my parents took me to see while I was growing up, that's one thing we never did. I don't know why, I guess we just kept missing it for one reason or another. I'm sure I would have loved it and I know mum would have - she loves the Red Arrows and remembers London in the Blitz, watching the spitfires and other planes passing over.