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Ianto Little Smile

October 2022



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Ianto Little Smile


Saw this on [info]thebuttonontop 's journal and thought I might as well give it a bash - could be fun, or embarrassing, or both!

"I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything."

I'm not particularly shy these days, so ask away, I'm an open book - I just don't have very interesting pages, so prepare to be bored by my answers!



1) If you were stranded on a deserted island and were allowed to choose one type of food to bring with you, what would it be and why?

2) If they were making a television show or movie of your life, who would you cast to play you and why?

3) What song best describes you?
Oooh, tough questions - I may actually have to think!

1) Yogurt! I practically live on the stuff half the time anyway, and it can go with any of the fruit I might find!

2) My life is so dull, no one would WANT to play me. To be honest, I'm not that sure of actresses. Someone mousy and plain. I'll have to think about this and edit later if I come up with someone!

3) Too Old To Grow Up Now (can't remember who it's by offhand, but it's been around for a while, same as me!)
1. how old are you? *boring I know, but I get curious about these things*
2. do you play sports at all? * know you like football*
3. have you always been a writer? or is it just a fanfiction thing?

Easy questions, thanks =)

1) About 6 weeks off being 49!

2) Not these days (too much arthritis), and I was never much good but I did play field hockey in school, which I liked (hated netball and was useless at tennis, seldom managed to hit the ball!)

3) I wrote occasionally when I was younger, mostly poems, but I've always written fanfic in my head - used to think it was just me, so when I discovered the world of fanfiction it was a revelation, it meant I wasn't weird! My writing now is the only stuff I've written for other people (other than teachers) to read. Oh, I did write a story for a competition in a short-lived role-playing magazine many years ago and came 2nd! It never got published though.
big Challenge!

1 What is your favorite show ?
2 If you had a genie to make three wishes, what are they? (I do not know why, but I just thought of Aladdin)
3 Your favorite color?

1) It was Torchwood until CoE happened, right now it's Doctor Who - I love the Eleventh Doctor!

2) Only three? =(

How do I choose? I'd like Peace and Harmony throughout the world - an end to all wars, repression and discrimination/prejudice of all kinds.

I'd like to be healthy, so I could do things other people take for granted like going out whenever I want, going on holiday or just to the cinema.

I'd like to get everything fixed in this house that needs fixing so we can feel comfortable and safe in our home again (including getting an extension that we can't afford, because our kitchen is tiny and there's no storage space anywhere.

3) Red! (I also love yellow, but I can't wear yellow clothes, they make me look terrible!)
Thanks for your answers
But, to be fair, I told myself that I should also answer the questions I've asked

1. I personally have a weakness for mimicry of Ten.
in old series: Star Trek Original - recently: Torchwood (before CoE) - currently not yet found: Merlin is nice but too predictable (well I've only seen the first season)

2. Yep, we must know to be limited otherwise it would be too easy;-)
a- that the world are more tolerant in all areas is a good idea (I think the IDIC of Star Trek is an excellent concept!)
b - that I remain optimistic (not always obvious with the news of world and country and yet I know I don't at me complain)
c - Health

3. past few years, I wear a lot of red with black. yellow is not an obvious color to wear!
But I prefer blue! and in second position :green
so I'm spoiled with nature!
Good answers!

You should put the meme on your journal and have people ask you questions! It's a lot of fun, really makes you think =)
What is your favourite Dr. Who episode?

If you could travel anywhere with the Doctor where would you go?

What would you do if you won a million pounds?
1) Oh, this one's easy, the Weeping Angels' debut, Blink! So many great lines, even though there's not all that much Doctor. The entire idea is brilliant =)

2) Anywhere at all? That's a tough one - would I travel in time, in space or both? I'd love to go back in time and see the dinosaurs roaming the earth, as long as I could have a perception filter to keep me safe!

3) Buy a house that isn't falling apart! I'd love to not have to worry about if we can afford the repairs that are needed, and to have space, storage, no dampness and a kitchen that's bigger than a postage stamp. Ours is so small, getting the washing machine plumbed in meant that we can't use one of the three small cupboards which are the only storage space in the kitchen. Two people can't be in there at the same time without bumping into each other every time they move.