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badly_knitted's Fluff Emporium

Life is mostly attitude and timing - Jerry Jeff Walker

It's been over 6 years now since I first succumbed to progress and got an internet connection. My, how time flies! I've learned so much over the last 6 years, made many wonderful friends, and become obsessed with writing.
I'm still obsessed with Torchwood - well, the first 2 series anyway. I've read literally thousands of fanfic, commented on more than I can count, got into beta-ing, and I've posted over 6oo drabbles and countless other fanfics. Never thought I could do the things I do now, but I have - guess there's life in the old dog yet!
I'm also knitting again, so there will be occasional knitting updates when I remember to post something.
Right now we have no pets. The guinea pigs died, my rabbit had to be put to sleep, the tortoises and cockatiel now live with my sister. I miss having pets but it's all I can do to keep my 83 year old mother out of trouble. Almost all the pets I've had were other people's cast-offs. I love animals of all kinds, and nature in general.

I have won my first banner! I'm so very proud I want to show it off, but I don't know if this will work. Here goes...

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